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Running a business can be tough work. We know what it's like to have a never-ending to do list.
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Who Are we?

About Us

As Virtual Business Consultants, we help small businesses maximize potential and streamline operations. We understand that running a business takes a LOT of work. How great would it feel to know you have reliable help to call on? You don’t have to figure it out alone.

Hi, I’m Corine. I help entrepreneurs like you bring dreams to life. My professional experience spans just over 2 decades. From Big 4 public accounting to Fortune 100 companies, to privately owned start-ups, I have worked with a diverse array of business industries and professionals, offering guidance and support. I have over 10 years of financial controller experience, and welcome you to benefit from that experience by working with All Star Consulting to help take your business to an All Star level of success!

What We Can Do For You

All Star Services

We offer All Star, top-notch quality virtual services to suit your business needs. We know what it’s like to have a never-ending task list and deadlines all the time. All Star Consulting can help!

Accountability Partnering

Being a business owner can be tough. Goal setting and forecasting help keep plans in focus. We offer accountability partnering, to check in with you, help monitor your progress, and keep you on track for greatness.

Business Coaching

You’ve been going at it alone for a while and really need someone to bounce ideas off of and consult for guidance. We are our clients’ biggest cheerleaders, and we are there for every win!

Finance Projects

Whether you need accounts reconciled, processes documented, spreadsheet formulations created, financial data entered, or research performed, no worries, we’ve got you!

Proofreading, Editing, & Transcriptions

Review and edit handbooks, guides, marketing materials, website pages, customer/supplier forms, agreements, and more! Fast and accurate transcription services.

Service Packages



When you partner with All Star Consulting, you receive knowledgeable, experienced, and seasoned support. We get the job done right, on time, and to your satisfaction. Since every project is different, we base project pricing on the estimated degree of time and skill needed to complete the job. As a loose guide, our pricing ranges from $750-$4,000+ per project.


As your business coach, we create a partnership designed to WIN! All our coaching packages include project support. Need a budget created? Need your marketing materials proofread? Need a forecast formulated? Need research done on business grants? We’re here for you!

Our goal is to help your business succeed!

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